Nerd Hurdles Blog - Episode #34

Honoured to be compared to Darryl Hannah, honoured to be featured on Nerd Hurdles:

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August 3

Art City Festival in Calgary!

September 2009


In Uus Maailm, Tallinn, Eesti: The Video

Thanks to Uus Maailm and Erko Valk, the Canada Council, Ron, the Jonssons, Kylie, Jakob and Mandi, for making this performance possible...

In the Land of Stones - April/May 2009

Incredibly, I received a grant to go to Tallinn, Estonia to present Glomerate there. I was invited by the Uus Maailm group last year so I'm pretty excited to actually get to go!

exciting news regarding publication

I/the Glomerate project is featured in issue #42 of filling Station, a literary magazine from Calgary, Alberta. It's the "Disgust" issue. the most exciting part of this is that so is Wim Delvoye.

It's the magazine with something unidentifiable yet gross on the cover. Pink and slimy and textured. Look for it in your local printed matter retailer.

Fraction/Memory - November, 2008 performance

at 3030 Dundas West, I did an approximately 3 hour performance of Glomerate, as part of Rita Kamacho's Fraction/Memory public performance series. It was fantastic, even though I was too chicken to put the bag of mortar into my suit...